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Resource and Downloads

Official brochure

Sentinel North official brochure (.pdf), 5 Mo



Sentinel North logos, High-resolution (.eps, .ai), 11 Mo
Sentinel North logos, web version (.jpg, .png), 3 Mo
Canada First Excellence Research Fund logo, web version (.jpg), 610k


Thank you courtesy formula

As a thank you note, all research projects and activities funded by Sentinel North should include the following statement in each of their publications:


Cette recherche a été rendue possible grâce au soutien du programme Sentinelle Nord de l'Université Laval, financé, en partie, par le Fonds d’excellence en recherche Apogée Canada.


This research was supported by the Sentinel North program of Université Laval, made possible, in part, thanks to funding from the Canada First Research Excellence Fund.