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A Network for Innovation

Encouraging innovative and transdisciplinary research

By encouraging the formation of collaborative research teams and projects that focus on discovery, transdisciplinarity and technological innovation, Sentinel North contributes to a research environment that pushes back the frontiers of knowledge.


Where environment, health and technological innovation intersect

The Sentinel North research program is based on a convergence of strategic research areas in which Université Laval is already a recognized national and international leader, including northern and Arctic sciences, optics-photonics, the microbiome and cardiometabolic health, and neurosciences.

By uniting their forces around common objectives and challenges, Sentinel North's research teams contribute to a structuring dynamic that makes the backbone of an innovation and technological development hub at Université Laval.


Climate change and anthropogenic activities are leading to an unprecedented and rapid deterioration of the cryosphere (sea ice, glaciers, snow and permafrost). These change are affecting, among other things, the ecosystem services (food, fresh water, regulation of climate-active gases) and infrastructure (roads, airports, housing) on which the inhabitants of Arctic and sub-Arctic regions depend.

By combining their strengths and expertise, the Sentinel North teams are expanding their innovation potential towards the development of new technologies and new analysis and modeling tools capable of tackling these major challenges.


Research Highlights

"The technological developments achieved so far are world leading. CFREF funding has enabled Sentinel North to advance in the development of potentially transformational technology that is already showing great potential in the Arctic and beyond."

- Report of the international expert panel following the Sentinel North mid-term evaluation