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Technological Instrument Development Platform

The technological instrument development platform supports Sentinel North's research program project teams in the development, integration, qualification, deployment and operation of sensors and relevant systems, for specific use in the Nordic environment.


Support provided by the platform contributes to the achievement of research project objectives by means of advice, supervision or technical intervention at any stage of the project, with strong added value during testing, qualification, certification and validation phase of the components, sub-assemblies and systems of the instruments. The involvement of the platform in all projects also fosters re-usage of the solutions developed throughout the whole program.


Who can benefit from it?

All projects and research chairs funded by Sentinel North, as well as students conducting their research project with a Sentinel North esearcher, can contact the Platform to discuss their needs.

  • Infrastructure and equipement

    Microelectronics assembly laboratory

    This laboratory allows the assembly of miniaturized circuits, necessary to equip devices or instruments with light and small-footprint components, such as tracking collars for different species.


    Assembly, calibration and testing laboratory

    This laboratory allows the assembly and testing (including environmental tests) of systems, subsystems or components, and in some cases to perform the calibration of certain sensors. Among other things, this laboratory contains an environmental chamber capable of rapidly lowering the temperature to -55 degrees and a calibration bench for the calibration of low-cost gas sensors (CO2, CH4, NH3, N2O, H2O).


    Mechanical manufacturing workshop

    The workshop allows the efficient manufacturing of many custom mechanical parts used in the production of several systems. This workshop mainly contains three high-performance machine tools, which are operated by the platform's machinist technician. These machines are:

    • A Datron NEO CNC milling machine
    • A high-precision lathe GTV-42 from Cubic Machinery
    • A conventional tour


The platform's team members have extensive experience in systems engineering, project management, risk management, product development, qualification and certification. 


Technological development director
Eric Bharucha
418-656-2131 ext. 7732