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Shedding Light on the North

Funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, the Sentinel North Strategy allows Université Laval to draw on over a half-century of northern and optics/photonics research to develop innovative new technology, train the next generation of transdisciplinary researchers and improve our understanding of the northern environment and its impact on human beings and their health.


  • Many training opportunities at Sentinel North this winter

    This winter, Sentinel North offers a rich program of transdisciplinary training activities aimed at addressing the complex themes of its research program, while promoting the development of transve... read more

  • Opening of the Sentinel North excellence scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships competition

    Sentinel North announces the opening of the fourth Sentinel North excellence scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships competition, from February 1 to March 10, 2019.

    These grants an... read more

  • Register to the Bootcamp on optical tool development in northern environment

    Université Laval's CREATE-SMAART and Sentinel North programs offer students a unique opportunity to interact with top level scientists as part of a transdisciplinary and highly technologi... read more

An unprecedented transdisciplinary strategy

Sentinel North is made possible, in part, thanks to funding from Canada First Research Excellence Fund.