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2019 scientific meeting : congratulations to all winners!

Published on 5 Sep 2019

Sentinel North would like to congratulate all participants of the poster competition and the Northern Transdisciplinary Challenge held at the 2019 Scientific Meeting. The quality of presentations was well beyond the judge's expectations, who had a hard time picking the winners! Everyone can be very proud of the work done.


Poster competition

  • 1st prize ($1,000) : Mojtaba Parsaee, Ph.D. in architecture under the supervision of Claude Demers, André Potvin, Marc Hébert and Jean-François Lalonde, "Biophilic Development of Adaptive Façades for Healthy and Energy-Efficient Buildings in Quebec’s Northern Territories"

  • 2nd prize ($600) : Louis-Philippe Pleau, Master's in physics under the supervision of Réal Vallée and Martin Bernier, "Tunable All-Fiber Laser for Remote Sensing of Methane Near 3.4 μm"

  • 3rd prize ($400) : Guillemette Labadie, Ph.D. in biology under the supervision of Daniel Fortin and Mark Hebblewhite, "Spruce Budworm Outbreaks Impact the Survival and Space Use of Boreal Caribou"


Honorable mentions ($250)

  • Davood Kahlor, Ph.D. in electrical engineering under the supervision of Tigran Galstian, Xavier Maldague and Gilles Gauthier, "A Vision-Based Equipment for Observation of Lemmings Under Snow in the Arctic"

  • Catherine Marois, Master's in microbiology under the supervision of Dermot Antoniades and Alexander Culley, "Diversité des populations microbiennes des lacs de la vallée de Stuckberry (Nunavut) dans un contexte de changements climatiques"

  • Joanie St-Onge, Master's in biology under the supervision of Guillaume Massé and Jean-Éric Tremblay, "Sea Surface Dimethylsulfide (Dms) Hotspots Linked to Sea Ice Dynamics and Solar Radiation in a Fine-Scale Study of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago"


gagnants concours d'affiches réunion scientifique sentinelle nord 2019

From left to right, front row : Marcel Babin and Yves De Koninck (Sentinel North scientific directors), Mojtaba Parsaee, Eugénie Brouillet (vice-rector, Research, Creation and Innovation of Université Laval), Marie-France Gévry (Sentinel North training programs coordinator).
From left to right, back : Guillemette Labadie, Catherine Marois, Joanie St-Onge, Louis-Philippe Pleau, Davood Kahlor, Martin Fortier (Sentinel North executive director).


Northern Transdisciplinary Challenge

The first edition of the Northern Transdisciplinary Challenge organized by the Sentinel North Student Association saw three teams stand out, thanks to their innovative solution to the problem of developing greenhouse culture in the North. Congratulations for this outstanding achievement!


1st prize ($500 / person) : Serres Boréales

  • Pascal Paradis, Ph.D. in physics

  • Catherine Gravel, bacc. in food science and technology

  • Audrée Gilbert, Master's in business administration

  • Floriane Bretheau, Ph.D. in molecular medicine and neurosience

Défi transdisciplinaire nordique sentinelle nord 1er prix

2nd prize ($250 / person) : Copepals

  • Maxime Benoit-Gagné, Ph.D. in oceanography

  • Alexandra Mercier, Master's in electrical engineering

  • Hakim Herbane, Ph.D. in architecture

  • Marika Drouin, Master's in biochemistry

Défi transdisciplinaire nordique sentinelle nord 2e prix

INAF special prize ($125 / person) : Équipe 5

  • Rémi Keraudren, Master's in cellular biology and neuroscience

  • Paul-Émile Chantrel, Ph.D. in physics

  • Florence Bellemare, Master's in business administration

  • Nicolas Gauthier, Master's in electrical engineering

Défi transdisciplinaire nordique sentinelle nord 3e place inaf


The winners are joined by Marcel Babin and Yves De Koninck (Sentinel North scientific directors), Eugénie Brouillet (vice-rector, Research, Creation and Innovation of Université Laval), Martin Fortier (Sentinel North executive director), Jean-Marie Trudeau (coordinator of Sentinel North's Technological Platform and member of the jury panel), and Audrey Picard-Lafond (AÉSN outgoing president).