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Sentinel North Student Association

Established in the Fall of 2017, the Sentinel North Student Association (Association étudiante de Sentinelle Nord - AÉSN) aims to strengthen the sense of belonging to the Sentinel North community and foster the development of a transdisciplinary network of contacts.


More precisely, the Association commits to:

  • Broadcasting information relevant to students evolving within Sentinel North
  • Connecting Sentinel North students with each other
  • Planning social and educative activities
  • Representing students in the decision-making processes of Sentinel North



Logo competition

The Association launched a logo contest at the Sentinel North second annual meeting. The participants voted and the winner is Mohamed Badine, master's student in computer science. Congratulations!

association étudiante Sentinelle Nord - logo


Pinte Sentinelle Nord

The Sentinel North Student Association invites you to the first Pinte Sentinelle Nord, which will take place on April 5, 2018 at La Ninkasi bar in Quebec City (811 Saint-Jean Street) from 7 pm to 9 pm. This science outreach activity is open to the public and aims to present the research of Thematic Project 3: Microbiomes: sentinels of the northern environment and human health through a series of conferences by the researchers at the heart of the projects.

All details here

Pinte Sentinelle Nord avril 2018


Executive committee


Audrey Picard-Lafond

Audrey Picard-Lafond, M. Sc., President of the association
Ph.D in chemistry
Sentinel North research project 3.4

Audrey Laberge-Carignan

Audrey Laberge-Carignan, B. Sc., Vice president of Communications
Master's in chemistry
Sentinel North research project 3.4

Marc-Antoine Bansept

Marc-Antoine Bansept, B. Eng., Vice president, Events
Master's in biophotonics
Sentinel North research project 3.1

Christophe Perron

Christophe Perron, B. Eng., Secretary
Masters in biophotonics
Sentinel North research project 2.4

Béatrice Choi

Béatrice Choi, B. Sc., Treasurer
Ph.D in Molecular Medicine
Sentinel North research project 3.8

Antoine Gervais

Antoine Gervais, B. Eng., Representative of Thematic project 1
Master's in electrical engineering
Sentinel North research project 1.4

association étudiante Sentinelle Nord - Yasmine Alikacem

Yasmine Alikacem, B. Eng., Representative of Thematic project 2
Master's in biophotonics
Sentinel North research project 2.44

Nicolas Fontaine

Nicolas Fontaine, B. Sc., Representative of Thematic project 3
Ph.D in chemistry
Sentinel North research project 3.8


Other active members


Jehane Abed
Ph.D in microbiology-immunology

Catherine Van Doorn
Master's in biology

Filippo Ferrario
Postdoctoral fellow in biology

Stéphanie Guilherme
Postdoctoral fellow in spatial planning and development

Matthieu Huot
Ph.D in biophotonics

Félix Lévesque-Desrosiers
Master's in physics

Pascal Paradis
Ph.D in physics

Joanie St-Onge
Master's in biology

Alexandre Terrigeol
Ph.D in biology

I want to get involved

The association is recruiting students to develop a dynamic team focused on making student life in Sentinel North lively and rewarding. Do not hesitate to contact us or to share your ideas!