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New research projects for Sentinel North

Published on 28 Jan 2021

Sentinel North begins 2021 with the funding of 14 new projects that will enrich its collaborative research program aimed at improving our understanding of the northern environment and its impact on humans and their health.

Launched in the winter of 2020, the objective of Sentinel North’s second major call for proposals was to fund initiatives that promote innovative interdisciplinary approaches to address the challenges associated with the program’s three priority research axes. With a total budget of $9.5 million, the funded teams bring together 89 researchers from 33 departments and 9 faculties at Université Laval. They will work closely with northern organizations, public and private sector organizations, and other universities and research institutes in Canada and abroad.

Several of the selected projects are led by emerging researchers, reflecting Sentinel North’s efforts to encourage the recruitment and establishment of young, high-level scientists at Université Laval (See the ULaval Nouvelles article, available in French).


Axis 1. Impact of environmental change on northern ecosystems and infrastructure

Axis 2: Environment-Health Interactions in the North

Axis 3: Data Analysis, Predictive Modelling and Knowledge Transfer


A high-impact strategy

Since 2017, Sentinel North’s research strategy has enabled more than 70 projects, chairs, and joint international research units to develop interdisciplinary initiatives aimed at sustainable health and development in the North. Our community continues to grow and diversify, with more than 700 members from 40 Université Laval departments working in a spirit of convergence and innovation with more than 350 collaborators and partners from 20 countries. The teams have already delivered more than 1,300 scientific papers and publications, including more than 225 peer-reviewed articles in leading journals, most of which are highly interdisciplinary and available in open access.


See program results and highlights

nouveaux projets sentinelle nord 2021