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Conférence : Introduction to North European wild berries and the related research

Publiée le 13 aoû 2019

L'IBIS, l'INAF et Sentinelle Nord vous invitent à une conférence gratuite sur les baies sauvages d'Europe du Nord avec la Dr. Laura Jaakola, professeure au département de biologie arctique et marine à l'UIT The Arctic University of Norway de Tromsø, en Norvège.


  • Où: Pavillon Charles-Eugène-Marchand, salle Hydro-Québec (local 1210), Université Laval
  • Quand: lundi 19 août 2019, 12h30
  • Gratuit, réservation requise


Lunch et breuvages seront offerts. Merci de confirmer votre présence avant le vendredi 16 août, 10h00.


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Wild berries are a characteristic and traditional part of the North European nature and culture. Wild berries are increasingly being recognised as a valuable and high potential natural resource that could add value to the Nordic bioeconomy. International interest on wild berries has grown especially due to the increased amount of reported beneficial effects on human health. Above all, wild berries are tasty ingredients in the diet, as such and in various dishes and drinks. Other attributes of wild berries, such as natural purity and low carbon footprint, are of interest for ecologically-oriented consumers. Our recent studies have shown that Northern climate conditions (cool temperature, long days) can favour the quality, i.e. production of bioactive and aroma compounds, in wild berries. We have focused on studying the regulation of biosynthesis of bioactive compounds in berries during berry development and in response to environmental factors, especially specific light and temperature conditions. We have also shown that wild berries possess strong origin-related adaptations regarding the production of bioactive compounds.

dr laura jaakola


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