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The path of an interdisciplinary researcher: driven by challenges and collaborations, in search of innovation

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Meet with Samuel Laney


Navigating between engineering and oceanography, Samuel Laney is an atypical researcher. Working at the interface of disciplines, he has evolved without checking the boxes of specialization, catalyzing collaborations for the benefit of innovation. During this participative workshop, you'll learn more about the challenges and obstacles encountered, but also about the opportunities and skills acquired in a career off the beaten track.

This workshop will be an opportunity to:

2023 Sentinel North Scientific Meeting: a catalyst for discovery and innovation

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More than 300 participants from academia, northern organizations, federal and provincial agencies, and the public and private sectors gathered at the 2023 Sentinel North Science Meeting, a key interdisciplinary research conference that builds on collaboration and networking to advance research on a wide range of northern issues.

2023 Scientific Meeting

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With its theme of "Converging Towards New Horizons", the 2023 Sentinel North Scientific Meeting offered a rich and integrated scientific content, highlighting the societal impacts and transformative aspect of the program.


Knowledge Mobilization

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Sentinel North teams are committed to transforming the knowledge generated within their projects into active use for the common good of society. Sharing results with knowledge users, including stakeholders, decision-makers and community members, ensures that research translates into real and lasting impacts.

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